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ACTION! *skating from 2009*
Woooooaaah, total nostalgia right here. just found this pre-made video and decided to put it up cuz theres some reeeall old goodies on it as well Song is: Dressed to Digress,...
Added: May 7, 2013
From: Moseufo
Views: 1,737

'SMELL THE CRETE' trailer 2009
'SMELL THE CRETE' is a skateboarding film that dives into the very essence of this lifestyle on it's most punishing terrain. It was nominated for 'Best Core' film, for it's...
Added: Nov 7, 2012
From: ninety100
Views: 1,934

Luan de Oliveira - Menino de Ouro (Golden Boy)
Skate Paradise 110: 1- Perfil Luan de Oliveira 2 - Encerra Biano Bianchin
Added: Dec 1, 2010
From: leobigorna
Views: 1,281

Welcome to Barcelona 2009
Trip in Barcelona, Sylit Gang and Sweet Family
Added: Jul 25, 2010
From: chrisdu05
Views: 1,698

Skatefest Escapade Saint-Hyacinthe 2009 Skatefest de Saint-Hyacinthe presente par Escapade Board Shop Featuring: Keven Demers, Guillaume Plouffe, Sam Guay, Olivier...
Added: Jul 18, 2010
From: PerceptionProduction
Views: 1,243

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