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SK8DRIVE GAS POWERED SKATEBOARDIN!!! SO TUBULAR SO EXTREME -at the end we raced one of those Lance Armstrong bike riders-
Added: Jan 20, 2012
From: sk8drive
Views: 1,821

Nigel Sylvester & Stevie Williams THE TAKEOVER TOUR Commercial
It has been said that if an immovable object collided with an unstoppable force, there would be an endless transfer of energy. The same theory could be applied to pro-BMX...
Added: Jan 25, 2011
From: Admin
Views: 2,049

i had a little accedent and blew my knee out for 3 months i really suck now but im not giving up heres wat i hav for now !!!
Added: Aug 16, 2010
From: alexander123
Views: 2,680

Ghetto Star Weekly SPENSER SIMAS
With the newest G.S.W. we got Spenser Simas with a sick beat. check it out and stay tunned for more to come..
Added: Jun 5, 2010
From: GhettoStar
Views: 1,397

Ghetto Star Weekly Nolan Reese Jr.
Killin it this GSW is Nolan Reese Jr. check us out at
Added: Apr 8, 2010
From: GhettoStar
Views: 1,496