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Evol Skateboards - Still Life Montage (1996)
Friends section
Added: Dec 17, 2012
From: 1994evol
Views: 1,861

Deer Man of Dark Woods/Alex Chalmers
I think this is really Alex Chalmers in a ski mask. Here's why: Chalmers lost all of his sponsors in 2006. This cocky little bastard appeared around the same time as well. Alex...
Added: Nov 4, 2011
From: 1994evol
Views: 4,013

Alex Chalmers Flip Sorry
In my opinion the best part of the video...other than Arto's!
Added: Oct 28, 2011
From: 1994evol
Views: 790

Checkin' In Alex Chalmers
Alex Chalmers check out from strange notes.
Added: Oct 21, 2011
From: 1994evol
Views: 961