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HUGE 360 Kickflip + Glenhaven
A session with Josiah Johnson (nosegrind), Kevin Ketchum (tailslide), and Michael Davis (BS 360 Kickflip). Enjoy! Here are some links to my other channels...
Added: Feb 5, 2012
From: Skapo
Views: 2,420

Mountain Dew "Back to the Boroughs" — Bronx (Day 2)
During the second video of the "Back to the Boroughs" series, Keelan Dadd meets up with the rest of the Mountain Dew crew in the Bronx. Also featuring Tulio de Oliveira, Carlos...
Added: Nov 15, 2011
From: leobigorna
Views: 6,429

Mountain Dew "Back to the Boroughs" — Brooklyn (Day 1)
The first video in Mountain Dew's five-part video series "Back to the Boroughs" features Tulio de Oliveira, Carlos Zarazua, Mike Franklin and Cody Davis skating and exploring...
Added: Nov 15, 2011
From: leobigorna
Views: 6,320

Hometown Heroes 2011 Tour (Full Length) Patrick Melcher took the reins this summer with a fresh crew from all corners of the country. In between 41 stops, we held am contests, ate Chipotle, skated...
Added: Aug 24, 2011
From: hhskate
Views: 1,053

It's Your World Montage
Montage of the first four parts from "It's Your World "
Added: May 22, 2011
From: leobigorna
Views: 1,315

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