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Greg Hamel feat. Greg Artisi - Thanks - You are welcome
Greg Hamel and Greg Artisi have been skateboarding for long time together.
Added: Jan 5, 2015
From: thanks
Views: 1,352

Romain Van Herp & Greg Wicky
Romain Van herp is a french skateboarder and Greg Wicky is from Lausanne in Switzerland.
Added: Jan 5, 2015
From: thanks
Views: 1,834

You Are Welcome - Teaser
"YOU ARE WELCOME" is the next Thanks' video, coming out in spring 2014! Here is a short preview! Enjoy! ft: CĂ©lian Cordt-Moller, Guillaume Berthet, Greg Artisi, Greg...
Added: Feb 28, 2014
From: thanks
Views: 1,115

Gregory Wicky - Lino Haefeli - You're Welcome!
We are really happy to welcome GREGORY WICKY & LINO HAEFELI to the team, and we proudly introduce them with that short introducing edit!
Added: Dec 24, 2013
From: thanks
Views: 1,417

Thanks - On dirait le sud
Thanks skateboards "On dirait le sud". "On dirait le sud" is a project which has been filmed during the six cold winter months in Switzerland. Due to the very hard conditions...
Added: May 21, 2013
From: thanks
Views: 1,225

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