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7Hills Skatepark
7Hills is pushing the development of a strong skateboarding community within Jordan by constructing a free of charge, community-built skatepark in the city center of Amman. Help...
Added: Oct 20, 2014
From: Admin
Views: 13,452

SNT Skateboarding - WILD LIFE 2
Follow the SNT skate crew as they take Wild Life to new heights, in this new piece of the Wild Life skateboarding project. Website: Facebook: Short Neck'd Turtle...
Added: Sep 10, 2014
From: ShortNeckdTurtle
Views: 2,648

RħythmofSharks (elliottforté2014) skate promo
elliott forte 2014 am skateboard promo music by stihia "RħythmofSharks"2013-14 skate sponsors (GoPro,FuelClothing,Steelmx/Smx, ☠ 20イ4 és skate follow or visit...
Added: Jul 23, 2013
From: Blackskaterboi23
Views: 1,109

My FS 5050 Grinds Thomas i-punkt Skateland
elliott forte is sponsored by GoPro,Fuel Clothing,Steelmx/Smx&RideLive be find more at this following link
Added: Jul 14, 2013
From: Blackskaterboi23
Views: 1,137

540Casper Flip (The Unthinkable Life after a 360)
f ' the games it's on S.K.A.T.E or D.I.E bitches !!!!! & I already landed a 360 it's in my youtube collection. Rapper Turn Skateboarder elliottforté is on his way....
Added: Jan 17, 2013
From: Blackskaterboi23
Views: 1,071

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