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Nexø Skate Center - Værftet
Skaters: Harley McCulloch Adrian Mikkelsen Lucas English Nikolaj Højbo Jakob Harteg
Added: Apr 23, 2012
From: Jakobharteg
Views: 3,802

Caught Clean 2
Laban made this in 1997 and brought the worlds of skateboarding and juggling together ... for the second time. A note regarding quality: our sound man Adam Harding digitized...
Added: Oct 19, 2011
From: 1994evol
Views: 918

Insane Skateboard Tricks On Mini Ramp - Ben Hatchell Video
Subscribe if you like it! Ben Hatchell doing a fakie bigspin blunt to kickflip out and then a BS noseblunt to nollie BS flip out. bail accident accidents fail
Added: Oct 17, 2011
From: LarryDavid99
Views: 1,900

Projet 45 DIY Montreal october 15 Concrete Pour
DIY skatepark project on the north side of the Taz building in Montreal. It's all volunteer work, no one gets paid.
Added: Oct 16, 2011
From: PerceptionProduction
Views: 1,781

HAVE A NOS DAY: No Long Bored Commute -- Just Longboard (Part 3 of 9)
In NOS world, a long commute to boring work becomes a longboarding commute to work -- ready to shred the gnar?!!! (Head to to see where the ride takes you.)...
Added: Sep 15, 2011
From: NOSCaro
Views: 3,008

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