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Romanin Grobety - Thanks - You are welcome
Romain Grobety is from Geneva, switzerland. Really good style, lot of pop and amazing switch skeels.
Added: Jan 5, 2015
From: thanks
Views: 663

Thanks - On dirait le sud
Thanks skateboards "On dirait le sud". "On dirait le sud" is a project which has been filmed during the six cold winter months in Switzerland. Due to the very hard conditions...
Added: May 21, 2013
From: thanks
Views: 1,143

On dirait le sud -Teaser
Thanks new "On dirait le sud" vidéo coming soon! Feat Greg Artisi, Greg Hamel, Celian Cordt, Romain Grobety, Jonathan Marty, Mathieu Poncet, guillaume berthet,fabien collomb...
Added: Mar 28, 2013
From: thanks
Views: 1,149

La poubelle Vol.2
Second episode of the throw aways from the thanks video. Feat. Florian Byrne-sutton, Guillaume Berthet, Steffen Christen, Burns(désolé,on connait pas ton nom),Romain...
Added: Mar 10, 2013
From: thanks
Views: 1,881

webadas III
webadas 3 testing sony vegas ramped slow mo and mixed up with some of the pop that coochie videoclip by 2 live crew parts... skaters: pepe robert alex
Added: Aug 31, 2012
From: clnriders
Views: 1,393

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