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Krooks DIY skatespot | First skate flatbank sub box
Been a while since we skated the DIY, due to bad weather and laziness, but we patched the bottom of the flat bank so it's skateable again and here is our first session since we...
Added: Apr 8, 2015
From: krooks
Views: 2,114

Kooks DIY skatespot | DIY or DIE | inspiration skate short film
it has been extremely bad weather and the spot hasn't dried out to film some footy, and i just wanted to share with you guys the fun and good times you get out of building and...
Added: Dec 13, 2014
From: krooks
Views: 2,226

Krooks DIY skatespot | Flatbanksub box
sorry this video has been so long in the making we have had the shittest weather but here it is it's pretty much a flatbank with a ledge on top. We have one problem with it tho...
Added: Oct 30, 2014
From: krooks
Views: 2,525

Mayhem Bros Spotlight : Catch Up ! with Erfurter Spitzbuben
Erfurter Spitzbuben showing off his skills ! He made our FIRST Mayhem Bros Spotlight. Log onto - The new generation of skateboarding, bmx, and bike life . Submit...
Added: Oct 8, 2014
From: mayhembros
Views: 1,816

Krooks DIY skatespot | First Skate Quarterpipe
yo this is our 2rd planned section to the diy skatespot ,krooks, the creation video can be found here: And this is the footy from the...
Added: Sep 15, 2014
From: krooks
Views: 2,359

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