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T2i 60 FPS PQ Test Footage
Canon T2i 60 Frames Per Second PQ Test Footage. Featuring Dominic Struck & Nolan Lively. Filmed & Edited by FatherRojo
Added: Nov 29, 2011
From: TheRealRojo
Views: 2,535

Dominic MK1 test footy
Finally got my MK1 set up on my vx2100. Just filmed some test footy at the Carmel Mountain mall and then went to RB gap.
Added: May 21, 2011
From: TheRealRojo
Views: 1,294

Dom Daze at PQ
1 day at PQ with Dominic Struck Edit By FatherRojo Music by Dom Kennedy "1997" (sorry bout the shady vig in the corners, I screwed my mk2 too tight. savin up for an mk1)
Added: Apr 15, 2011
From: TheRealRojo
Views: 1,196

Dominic 3 lines at PQ
3 lines at PQ park with Dominic Struck Music by: Mac Miller "Traffic in The Sky"
Added: Dec 21, 2010
From: TheRealRojo
Views: 1,340

Trickipedia Nollie Flip Sex Change Dominic Struck
Trickipedia: Nollie Flip Sex Change with Dominic Struck Music: Jamiroquai "Space Cowboy"
Added: Dec 21, 2010
From: TheRealRojo
Views: 1,385

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