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House Sessions
Some clips filmed at the house. Jonny Smith, Josh Lewis, Noah Burgess, Lil Bill, Joe Kroll, Bobby Waucaush, Nate Tourner, Chris Land,
Added: Jul 28, 2012
From: stcskater420
Views: 1,696

Nature skateboarding. Filmed at Transitions Ramp Park in Dearborn Michigan. Josh Lewis, Kenny Diehl, Justin Pearson, Jonny Smith
Added: Jul 24, 2012
From: stcskater420
Views: 956

Meet me at the trAp
Footage I filmed over the winter of 2011-2012, Nate Bolduc, some random, Noah Burgess, Rob Hough, Tim Hall, Tony Davis, John LeBou, Jordan Garland, Colin McNabb, Andrew...
Added: Jul 7, 2012
From: stcskater420
Views: 1,009

Willie Wilson 50 Sec @ Midtown Skatepark
Just some stuff of Willie I filmed the other Day!! Filmed&Edited by Kevin Perez Additional- Tommy Bohn Song-Gang Bang Wiz Khalifa
Added: Aug 7, 2011
From: Kevinfilms17
Views: 1,293

Dusty Clips 004 - SEAN COCHRANE
Added: Aug 4, 2011
From: NickyB
Views: 1,936

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