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Baker - Bootleg
BAKER PUTTING IN WORK BACK IN THE DAY SKATERS; Ali Boulala Ali Cairns Andrew Reynolds Atiba Jefferson Brian Sumner Dustin Dollin Dylan Gardner Elissa Steamer Erik...
Added: Oct 20, 2011
From: 1994evol
Views: 994

minnesota. 2010.
my family and i took a trip up to minnesota this summer to visit some relatives and relax in the nice summer weather. brought my best friend dustin along to skate some parks!...
Added: Aug 23, 2010
From: johnnnD
Views: 2,146

basketball trick shots in HD!
we were bored at the skatepark so we decided to film trick shots.
Added: May 20, 2010
From: johnnnD
Views: 1,783

victoria pawrk montage
me and dustn went to corpus for spring break. we went skating and took naps all day. it was awesome. on the last day we filmed, so on the way back home we stopped at the...
Added: Mar 22, 2010
From: johnnnD
Views: 1,362

even more fun!
filmed and edited by kyle ugron. check out his videos by searching "kyleugron"
Added: Dec 25, 2009
From: johnnnD
Views: 1,182

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