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Tj Harris - Footy Tape Friday (Nov 26)
Tj Harris Footy Tape Friday for Transworld. Posted November 26th, 2010. Most of Tj's footage gathered up from 2010...
Added: Nov 30, 2011
From: BohnTommyFilms
Views: 1,643

Autobahn Wheel Co. welcomes Enrique Lorenzo
The Autobahn Wheel Company proudly welcomes Enrique Lorenzo to the professional team. Enrique is a skater who's technical skills have been proven again and again over the...
Added: May 5, 2011
From: leobigorna
Views: 1,099

Tj Harris -Midtown Line Filmed By Kevin Perez
Added: Jan 10, 2011
From: Kevinfilms17
Views: 1,079

5 Switch Tricks to Will Smith
Jordan and I dicked around at this ledge the other day. And we put this little clip together. Song is a request from Jordan. Enjoy
Added: Dec 21, 2010
From: Jayvx2100
Views: 1,294

Tj Harris - Lost Footy Tape
This was supposed to be a Video Checkout on the Transworld Site but was too short to make the cut. Here is most of Tj's footage gathered up since the beginning of this year....
Added: Nov 26, 2010
From: tommybohn
Views: 1,339

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