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Zoltan Turi-Cirus Skateboard Promo 2014
Freestyle and technical flatground tricks from Hungary. Sponsored by : Cirus skateboards: Grindrise clothing:
Added: May 6, 2014
From: Coolajtar
Views: 2,830

♕ewOllies Off A Kicker Ramp by Steelmx/Smx Optics Sponsored Skater εℓℓiottforté
♕ 54 mm B☠nes Wheels, 139 stage10 Indenpendent trucks, mantisshop griptape 7.5Trapresent Deck Jart Bearings, Bones Extrahardcoare bushing, Indy (soft) shockpads I skate...
Added: Jun 11, 2013
From: Blackskaterboi23
Views: 1,139

Destroy What Destroy's You - Steelmx/Smx Sk8 Confession
--------------------READ--------------------- steelmx/smx sponsored skater "ell forte" takes on youtube critics,with...
Added: May 24, 2013
From: Blackskaterboi23
Views: 994

Independent Trucks Built To Grind (Ride The Best)
got my first pair of Indys139Hi Stage 10's @Fiffty5feet skateshop XI Spring 2013 Catalog is already out Ride Indenpendent Trucks Ride The Best F' the rest.."Steelmx/Smx"...
Added: May 17, 2013
From: Blackskaterboi23
Views: 921

Unos trucos con: Rafa Fernández
Una pequeña sesión de tarde con Rafa Fernández en el Parque de la Vega, La Laguna. Rafa patina para Soulgrind skateshop y no para de aumentar su nivel de skate día a día,...
Added: Feb 2, 2013
From: pablogarcia
Views: 3,283

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