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Leo Balderas with switch heel body varials.
Leo shows you some of his steezy switch heel body varials.... enjoy,subscribe
Added: Jun 2, 2011
From: waio
Views: 1,165

Summer Steeze of 2010
YEAH beE zEro oNe! Fake younitednations daWgggGg! Sumer steeze montage with the homies at sugarland freepark and such. FAREWELL SUMMER oh10!
Added: Aug 21, 2010
From: imaeric123
Views: 2,212

Make A Circuit with Me?
Hey first montage of the year hah...
Added: Apr 5, 2010
From: imaeric123
Views: 2,138

last tricks '09
video may not be suitable for people under the age of 18. traditional yearly monty! additional clips provided by eric nguyen, check out his videos:
Added: Jan 11, 2010
From: johnnnD
Views: 1,326

Christmas Montage with Black Santi ClawZ
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! wait...santas black?
Added: Dec 25, 2009
From: imaeric123
Views: 2,260