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Dimitris Zogaris NEMEΣIS
An Independent Skateboarding Video Part Filmed in Athens Greece Instagram : @dimzogaris Facebook : DimitrisZogaris Filmed With : Sony SR12 Handycam Canon DSLR 1100d...
Added: Oct 15, 2015
From: Dimitris_Zogaris
Views: 5,691

(with friends) short teaser of Ian Ellis, full part coming in the future (maybe)
Added: Apr 28, 2015
From: mrconcretetootsfilmer
Views: 2,086

Thanks x Centralos
Thanks skateboards and Centralos wax collab edit! Starring: Romain Grobéty Sven Kilchenmann Adi G Romain Vanherp Celian Cordt-Moller Edouard Fontaine Greg Artisi Kilian...
Added: Feb 23, 2015
From: thanks
Views: 1,744

Christmas Without the Kranks
Rather than go see my imaginary girlfriends family for Christmas (which I do EVERY year), I spent it skating in an exaggerated fashion
Added: Feb 3, 2015
From: fourwheelfilms
Views: 1,490

Greg Hamel feat. Greg Artisi - Thanks - You are welcome
Greg Hamel and Greg Artisi have been skateboarding for long time together.
Added: Jan 5, 2015
From: thanks
Views: 1,352

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