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That's almost the Dude! HD
Featuring Julian Castaneda 2nd Hero Productions Filmed and edited by Frank Quatrone Filmed on a JVC Everio GS-TD1
Added: Jan 4, 2012
From: 2ndHero
Views: 2,220

Derek & Curt's Plaza Time
Featuring Derek Hargett and Curt Tade. Filmed & edited by Frank Quatrone 2nd Hero Productions
Added: Jan 4, 2012
From: 2ndHero
Views: 1,745

Vegas Throwaway Montage
SUBSCRIBE!!!!! Just throwaway footage no one wanted Featuring: Mike Dixon, Renzo Escalante, Robert Little, Mike Ocampo, Kyle Pouch, Jacques Robinson, Brenden, Yohan...
Added: Dec 4, 2009
From: magicgenius45
Views: 1,539