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540Casper Flip (The Unthinkable Life after a 360)
f ' the games it's on S.K.A.T.E or D.I.E bitches !!!!! & I already landed a 360 it's in my youtube collection. Rapper Turn Skateboarder elliottforté is on his way....
Added: Jan 17, 2013
From: Blackskaterboi23
Views: 1,071

Kickflip (elliottforté)
basic intermediate kickflip skateboard trick on flatground @e-tap by elliottforté follow our links for more cool vids,forms,blogs & more...
Added: Jan 17, 2013
From: Blackskaterboi23
Views: 1,022

CavεmaηDarkslidε Boardslidε To Kickflip εlliottfortε´
Skateboarding: caveman darkslide boardslide 2 kickflip ! Street Skateboarding In Germany Welcomes (elliottforté)
Added: Jan 9, 2013
From: Blackskaterboi23
Views: 1,229

iCaveman Them (Darkslides):by €lliott Forté
I know they look mega beginnerish only been skateboarding for one year not so much experince prior to that but I skate cause it's fun love learning new tricks F' what ppl...
Added: Nov 19, 2012
From: Blackskaterboi23
Views: 748

How to Do Soccer Ball Flips On A Skateb☠ard by Elliott Forté
another old school freestyle trick, Soccer Ball Flip. Basically this is a rolling trick and if I get good at these it should help me with other flip tricks like old school...
Added: Oct 25, 2012
From: Blackskaterboi23
Views: 1,131

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