Amazing BMX and Skateboarding Drone Videos
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Added on:  Dec 21, 2014
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Description:  A collection of some of the best drone videos of BMX and Skateboarding. These sports are captured to the fullest when viewed from a drone, and this video is one of our most EPIC! BMX Riders hitting the biggest dirt jumps on their bikes, taking to new heights that are reached up close with drones such as the DJI Phantom 2. Follow skateboarders down the street skate parks from an angle unmatched by handheld cameras, we can now see the view as if we were floating in the bowl! These awesome aerial drone videos are made possible thanks to the epic talent and technology that is out there. If you enjoyed this compilation, Show some love to the amazing drone pilots who made this awesome video possible. These guys are really the best. Song: SuperMan by GoldFinger Video Credits: Morning flight from abouve By Carl Lindstrom Raditudes attack of the drone By Redbull Santa Cruz skate Park Drone By Alpacasus Skate Drone By Simon Briand Bowls, Drones and BMX By Lewis Back BMX Summer Sessions Protoscience Media Lab HeliFreak, RC Groups, OpenPilot, Phantom Pilots, and DIYdrones. Business Insider “Best Drones You Can Buy” Pocket Drone UAIR R10, RTF quadcopter for filming a GoPro flying camera-equipped multirotor livestream footage First Person View, or FPV quadcopter smooth footage. The best drones are listed as Blade Nano QX and DJI Phantom 2 Vision+RTF and quadcopters, with massive filming range. Hubsan X4 and DSLRPros-Helix crucial stability-management features transmitter filmmaker DSLR or video camera gimbal Cinestar rigs remote controls. Skypixel, underwater aerial film maker director aerial imaging for DJI quadcopters, MicBergsma and DJI pilots. Flight Test, MultirotorPilot Magazine, Gizmodo, Gizmag, and WIRED.
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