DC Nationals Finals / King Of Montreal 2010
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Added on:  Oct 4, 2010
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Description:  http://www.facebook.com/PerceptionProduction1 Finals Of The DC Nationals At Le Taz Skatepark In Montreal To Crown The King Of Montreal 2010. Featuring: Brandon Delbianco, Antoine Asselin, Will Marshall, TJ Roger, Ben Patterson, Jon Cosentino, Adam Green, Pat Tremblay, Gabriel Veniot, Paul Trep, Micky Papa, Chad Dickson, Sam Guay, Mitch Barrette, Josh Clark ... and more.
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Tags:   Perception, Production, DC, Shoes, Co, Skateboard, Skateboarding, Competition, Best, Trick, Contest, Minor, Media, Brandon, Delbianco, Antoine, Asselin, Will, Marshall, TJ, Roger, Ben, Patterson, Jon, Cosentino, Adam, Green, Pat, Tremblay, Gabriel, Veniot, Paul, Trep, Micky, Papa, Chad, Dickson, Sam, Guay, Mitch, Barrette, Josh, Clark, Le, Taz, Skatepark
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