Slap Magazine "One in a Million" 2010 Episode 1
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Added on:  Dec 15, 2010
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Description:  Episode 1 of SLAP magazine's One In A Million 2010 contest. Unknown and unsponsored skaters battle it out for a shot at the skateboard spotlight in San Francisco. This episode gives background on all the finalists, shows their arrival at Camp OIAM, and the first session at the park. Become a fan on facebook - Follow on twitter -
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Tags:   Slap, Magazine, One in a Million, Skateboarding, Skate, Skateboard, Etnies, Habitat, Spitfire, Venture, Zero, Quiksilver, Mt. Dew, Real, San Francisco, Alex Klein, Mark Whiteley, Gonzalo Hernandez, Mango, Malik, Nik Stain, Matty Hunt, Forrest Edwards, Reuben Barrack, John Fitzgerald, Daryl Angel
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