Hometown Heroes Skate: Dallas 2011
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Added on:  Aug 2, 2011
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Description:  http://hhskate.com The Hometown Heroes Tour for 2011 is nearing a close. With just a few stops left, this Lone Star stop on the Summer of Heat Tour was a serious sweat factory. The scene inside Pier Skatepark was one of face-blasting heat. As you flow through the immaculate course, traversing its various hubba ledges and handrails, you are hit with wave after wave of heat. The skatepark is built perfectly, with a circular flow eradicating the need to stop. The various elements of creativity and four-wheeled freedom that are strewn about the park made for an awesome contest. The shredders making it into the final battle royale found themselves in a 15-minute exhausting sweat-drenched test of will. The heat would prove just too unbearable for some, but the victors couldn't stop themselves from The Pier's picture-perfect obstacles. Sean Greene shredded and used those trannies to get light-speed action all over the course. A huge backside 360 off the big launcher to flat was probably the highlight of Greene's run. Killer mastery of skateboard antics was Taylor Bray. Taylor spent time murdering the handrails, hubba ledges and big fatty to flatty tricks off of the A-frame bump. Texas killer and past Hometown Heroes winner, Ke'Chaud Johnson was utterly unstoppable in the finals. He came through with a flurry of grinds up the smaller hubba and about a dozen different top-notch switch and regs tricks down the rail including a kickflip front 50-50. Seriously a true master of disaster, Ke'Chaud rocked and rolled with versatility and skill all over the course. Sean came out in third, Taylor in second and Ke'Chaud taking home the first place spot. As the heat wore on and kids began to experience dehydration and fatigue, the Hometown Heroes contest wrapped up with a familiar face taking home the invite to the Finals. http://facebook.com/hhskate http://twitter.com/hhskate
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