Video Drop 1.
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Added on:  Dec 28, 2010
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Description:  The first part of the Burg Unit Video. Featuring in order of appearance. Gilbert Turrene Matt Gravel. Sean Hanebury. Benson Wishart. Julian Maunder. Aaron Sheare. 2paupst. Corey Baker. Brailey Wong. Thaddeus ''THE WEAPON' Lenover. Brian Douma. Dylan Timmins. Brantyn Wong. Bryan James. Mike Mcgee. James Francis Ian Samuel. Kris Hemmingson. Full story
Categories:  Skateboarding   
Tags:   skateboarding in vancouver, Burg Unit, Fnf media, Hamburgers, Double bacon cheeseburger, Double cheese burger, Video Drop, Acid Trip, British Columbia, Marijuana, Fuck lizard iluminati, Yellow submarine, Tom Tom Club, The Little Prince, Roccos Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, Tom and Jerry, Darthmaul, Ferngully, Frasier, Olympics
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