Etnies AM GETTING PAID Finals 2010 / Le TAZ Montreal
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Added on:  Oct 31, 2010
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Description: Etnies Am Getting Paid International Amateur Skateboard Contest Finals at Le Taz Skatepark In Montreal. Result: 1 - Matt Berger 2 - Antoine Asselin 3 - Cameo Wilson 4 - Micky Papa 5 - Jon Cosentino 6 - J-S Lapierre 7 - TJ Rogers 8 - Jordan Maxham 9 - Mitch Phillips 10-Manny Santiago Top 10 Playlist:
Categories:  Skateboarding   
Tags:   Matt, Berger, Antoine, Asselin, Cameo, Wilson, Micky, Papa, Jon, Cosentino, J-S, Lapierre, TJ, Rogers, Jordan, Maxham, Mitch, Phillips, Manny, Santiago, skateboard, competition, contest, best, trick, etnies, am, getting, paid, international, amateur, skater, skatepark, le, taz, montreal, underworld, skateshop, shop, backflip, extreme sports, jumps
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