Bearly 3/4: The Friend Collective
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Added on:  Aug 7, 2011
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Description:  VIEW ENTIRE VIDEO IN ORDER HERE: VIEW ENTIRE VIDEO IN ORDER HERE: Or here: Pt1: Pt2: pt3: pt4: *Note: Turn volume up or put on headphones for best experience. All songs in this video are very bass sensitive. If you're stoked on this video please support us by visiting our online store: Classics in stock now! More product coming soon! Filmed by: David Stoessel TJ Gaskill Tyler Ross Chris James Eamon Ford Juan Ordonez Jordan Gibo Nate Wooldridge Jackson Casey Video description: There is so much talent in skateboarding now days. It's really hard to keep up with all of it. Attention all companies looking for riders: here's a buffet of ripping dudes. Hit me up if you're interested, I have all of their contact info. - Gatlyn
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Tags:   Evan okeson, Aric Blattner, Tom geilfuss, Matt Blas, Randy Ockliifsgdsgsgfgfgdfsg, Ryan Ward, Alex Taters, Travis Ehrlund, keavin shealy, tyler loves bowling balls, Dan Delanoise, Chris Freistat, Charlie Cassidy, Matt Jay, Aaron Collier
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