SkateStache Montage 1
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Added on:  Oct 26, 2010
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Description:  Starting off the SkateStache Montage Series with a piece I compiled together with some of my favorite shots over the last year and a half. Skaters in order of apperance: Sean Conover Adrian Adrid Billy Roper Matt Gottwig Jarold Webb Ryan Spencer Ben Gore Josiah Gatlyn Elliott Wright Elijah Berle
Categories:  Skateboarding   
Tags:   SkateStache, Montage, skate, stache, stereo, sound, agency, sean, conover, creature, pig, dekline, adrian, adrid, circa, hifi, wheels, billy, roper, turf, sugar, the, hundreds, matt, gottwig, jarold, webb, burton, gravis, habitat, alien, workshop, ben, gore, venture, street, corner, ryan, spencer, super, clothing, josiah, gatlyn, usko, select, dvs, elliott, wright, elijah, berle, foundation, vans, osiris, independent, trucks, oj
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