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Added on:  Mar 20, 2011
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Description:  the first full length video from WOLF PACK CLOTHING . april 7th the streets april 9th the beerics april 11th civic center (in farmington across from PLUS skateshop) this video is a teaser for the advanced skateboard skills of the team. will be live music, and a best trick at the streets, and the beerics
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Tags:   Justin, Cefai, Matt, Wilson, Adam, Mueller, Mike, Krok, Joe, Kevin, Sanders, Jordan, Zuppke, Jesse, Ward, Charlie, Ryan, Garrett, Blair, Kyle, Eby, Pat, Galloway, Jake, Keenan, Roberto, Rodriguez, eric, nowacki, bob, begandy, Auttiesh, Danger, Graham, Harrington, FLOW, scartzel, reid, madsen, kenny, Walsh, robert, gutowski, david, engerer, johnny, cleary, chocolate, detroit, chicago, new, york, pluskateboarding, wolf, pack, promo
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