Joey Poiriez Birdhouse The End 1998/2001
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Added on:  Oct 13, 2011
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Description:  Joey Poiriez's first ever video part ripped from my personal DVD copy. This is my first skate video upload! ENJOI! EDIT: I came across this message from Joey's mom: Joey Poiriez is not dead! He has struggled with drugs mostly thanks to some skating industry influences and injuries he has had from doing all the crazy stunts when he was a kid. Yes, he makes his own decisions and could have chosen a different path but we all make mistakes. He is in the process of cleaning up and plans to skate again soon. Skateboarding has meant more to him than pretty much anything else in his life and now that he has almost been sober for 6 months he can't wait to get on his board again and do what he loves most. Thanks to all of you who did care!
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Tags:   Joey, Poiriez, Tony, Hawk, Bucky, Lasek, skateboarding, Birdhouse, Bryan, Herman, Digital, Everyday, skating
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