Bootleg Skateboards 3000 Promo Video {HD!}
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Added on:  Nov 9, 2012
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Description:  Remastered in 1080i FEATURING: Pete Eldridge Scott Kane Elissa Steamer Brian Michaud Anthony Mosley and Alex "Trainwreck" Gall (Here's an excerpt from J. Strickland's 48 Blocks interview) There was friction due to the fact that I got raped on my videos under the guise that I should feel so lucky as I worked for Tony Hawk. I had already been working outside of Blitz on my own with Baker 2G, freelance filming, and developing and executing all the Baker skateboards as well as other creative shit with Mike Sepe as 2cents productions in semi secrecy. My whole blueprint was to try and keep Baker the main OG pros and turn the ams pro over a few years and have this tight unit, not like 15 pros 20 ams type shit. I figured the second company could be out of a different distributor to be able to absorb the real cost of supporting such a huge crew of skaters and their homies and the new jack hanger ons that seem to still come by the loads when shit starts popping. It was also an opportunity to steer more clear of the whole tight pants rocker shit with more diverse skaters like Pete, Elissa, Scott Kane, Mosley, etc. Eventually the plan was to have twice the video budget and twice the video distribution network to create a first in skateboarding which was to be Baker Bootleg 3000 the video. Plus, part of the deal is I had the best advertising space in skateboarding (the back cover of Thrasher) which I could've used for the collab video. With NHS I finally got to feel what it was like to be respected as an artist so to speak from the distribution company. NHS treated all the Bootleg skaters, Mike Sepe, and myself exceptionally well under the circumstances.
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