Hometown Heroes Skate: Kansas City 2011
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Added on:  Jul 25, 2011
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Description:  http://hhskate.com The Kansas City Hometown event went off in a massive way with the help of local supporting shop Escapist. Sean Malto also showed up to the event in support of homies like Tyshaun Johnson, Shaun McKay and Weston Sparks. Upon entry to the park, you see that there is most definitely something amiss here at Kansas City's Penn Valley Skatepark. Although the enclosed area to support the park seemed like ample space, there was a huge grass section where more cement should have been. The inconsistency of the cement to grass ratio didn't effect the skaters who came out to shred the Hometown Heroes event. We rocked the format in a jam that modeled an epic three act play. 1) The introduction, in which characters are developed and the stage is set for what rawness is to follow. 2) The arc of action, in which the drama intensifies and the the stakes are raised. 3) The finale, where a victor emerges and celebration ensues. Act 1 took place on the euro gap section where dudes killed all kinds of bigflips, switch treflips and mad bump-to-picnic table action. Act 2 happened on the hip and out rail where we saw rad kickflip front boards, salad grinds and an alleyoop bigger flip that flew through the atmosphere so fast it was supernatural. Act 3 rocked out on the 8 stair of death with two hubba ledges and a handrail down the middle. This last section was what truly separated the men from the boys. Here we see back tails, nollie nosegrinds, nollie front feebles, and an onslaught of perfectly executed flip tricks down the 8. Making the trek all the way from Tulsa OK, Patrick Donivan killed the whole course with smith grind to 50-50s and big bluntslides where there was no wax to be found. Just powering through all the maneuvers, Donivan ruled the first two sections of the competition. In the 3rd act and hammering down switch heels and a kickflip noseslide with ease, we have Weston Sparks. He snatched up the third place spot. Coming in second with a flawless nollie front feeble down the rail was Tyshaun Johnson. And taking home the first place honors was Shaun McKay. Shaun ripped the whole course leaving no stone unturned. With back-to-back front and backside flips over the monster handrail, Shaun retired the day in first place feeling satisfied and magnificent. http://facebook.com/hhskate http://twitter.com/hhskate
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