I Like It
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Added on:  Sep 4, 2011
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Description:  FatherRojo Presents..."I Like It" Featuring: FatherRojo, Jordan Fiero, Scott Fippinger, Kyler Jakubowski, FatherGuru, FatherJuelz, Gervin Prado, Nolan Lively, Pardeep Singh, Justin Wilkinson, Jake Chough, Chris Sarabia, Christian Flores, James "Janky" Lorimer, Calvin Smith, Brendan Keaveny, Chris Gregson, & Senai Melake Summer 2011 footy Film/ Edit by FatherRojo Music by Debarge "I Like it" (I do not own the rights to the song, I'm just a fan of the music. hopefully more people will become fans through this video. please don't mute the audio. thanks)
Categories:  Skateboarding   
Tags:   FatherRojo, Father Rojo, I like it, The FatherHood, San Diego, Sony VX2100, Century MK1
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