Bearly 2/4: Sebo Walker & Anthony Garcia
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Added on:  Aug 7, 2011
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Description:  VIEW ENTIRE VIDEO IN ORDER HERE: VIEW ENTIRE VIDEO IN ORDER HERE: Or here: Pt1: Pt2: pt3: pt4: *Note: Turn volume up or put on headphones for best experience. All songs in this video are very bass sensitive. If you're stoked on this video please support us by visiting our online store: Classics in stock now! More product coming soon! Song: Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish (Unicorn Kid Remix) Filmed by: Jeff Halsted Matt Williams Cory Williams Matt Hansen Brandon Burdine Ben Fordham Dean Antinou Josh Cronje Video description: I've known Sebo for almost 2 years now and he's the nicest dude ever. Super down to earth and amazing on a skateboard. He was one of the first people I hit up to ride for the brand when we first started. Stoked for him to have footage in the video. Anthony is from Pompano, FL. Met him when I moved out here a year ago and been skating with him ever since. Never seen any dude skate like he does. He does not hesitate on any trick. He will seriously grind down a rail as soon as he gets to a spot. He's insane. It was just natural that he had footage in the video. - Gatlyn
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Tags:   Usko, bearly, sebo walker, anthony garcia
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