Hometown Heroes Skate: Nashville 2011
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music kept me pumped...skaters were killing it though.

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Description:  http://hhskate.com Nashville, TN is another notch on the thermometer of insanity making the heat index of this summer almost unbearable. The deadly heat index was topping out at a gnarly 113 degrees outside but fortunately the Sixth Avenue Skatepark was air-conditioned inside. During the semi-finals we saw ripping and shredding from upstarts like Fonseca and some high-flying antics from a flagged-clad stylist called Super Beast. Lucha Libre Master of Disaster, Chico Rico, was flying all over the course with the passion of a thousand Mexican jumping beans. Chico Rico ripped and shredded complete with wrestling mask and never divulged the true identity of the ripper beneath. Not to be outdone, a contestant by the moniker, Zoro, shralped in the next round. While the semi-finals were colored with the paintbrush of spectacle and wonder, the final 5 exhibited so much style it can't be quantified in words. Ripping the course all day and rocking out at the last moment with tricks like nollie heel to back 50-50 down the hubba was Kenny Hampton. Kenny killed a nollie bigspin down the mini-Wallenberg gap to launch him into third place. Coming in second with big kickflips from the top rope was birthday boy, Justin Smolenski . Taking the cake was ripper Zac Coyne. His consistency with tricks like back 360s down the mini-Wallenberg and rad crook and feeble transfers on the rail sealed it up for the win. http://facebook.com/hhskate http://twitter.com/hhskate
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