Crew of Roses - YOUnited Nations 2 Entry
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Added on:  Nov 1, 2010
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Description:  Hey everyone! For the last 4 months we have been working on the Crew of Roses entry (a play on Portland, the City of Roses) for YOUnited Nations 2 at The Berrics. It was a lot of fun filming it all, but alas it was rejected. I hope you all enjoy it! Also, there is at least one other crew (Hesh Muffins) who has gotten their video put in the finals after it was posted to You Tube. (They freaking killed it!) If you think this was worthy of the finals, hit up Steve Berra and let him know ya think so! Contact The Berrics * Steve Berra - * Eric Koston - Skaters (In order of appearance) Matt Pennington Jonathan Bastian Gabe McCoy Mikey Calcagno Ben Sauer Michael Davis Evan Kuzava Film/Edit : Darren Dyk Additional Filming: Carl Larson & Andrew Smith Thanks to everyone who put in hard work! And get well soon James! (Our good friend James Holk broke his ankle while filming for this video) -Darren Btw! Cory Woods and his crew is already in the finals. Keep an eye out for Portland YOUnited!
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Tags:   PDX, Portland, Oregon, Northwest, late, flip, skateboarding, skate
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