Wylin Out Puppets
fourwheelfilms says:

@dakotadscott1 Sloppy? That\'s just our style man we don\'t care about landing steezy we just have fun and do whatever tricks we want to do
dakotadscott1 says:

You gotta be picky man. Work the tricks until you land them clean. Don\'t just throw in any footage. Make sure it\'s the best you can do. If you can land something sloppy, then you can clean it up too
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Added on:  Jan 24, 2015
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Description:  We go sledding during the middle of the video. Is this statement true? Watch to find out. Featuring: Joe Mcguazin, Master Horta, Mk Skrzyps, one clip of Andy and a Newbury cameo somewhere in the mix
Categories:  Skateboarding   
Tags:   skateboarding connecticut
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