Hometown Heroes Skate: Albuquerque 2011
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Added on:  Aug 2, 2011
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Description:  http://hhskate.com Albuquerque, New Mexico set the scene for a rousing good time of skateboarding. The surrounding areas of Albuquerque are littered with ditches, embankments and skate-spots galore. This makes for mad fun-filled good times while the desert heat is ravaging the mountainsides. On this day, however, it would not be so. The unfortunate seasonal torrents that slam the area annually with downpours and flash flooding were in full effect. Precipitation in this vast desert climate of New Mexican beauty is not that uncommon. As the Hometown van pulled into the lot, storm clouds were heavily brewing. There was a threat on the horizon like that of a Homeric odyssey. As Zeus and Thor began to battle it out in the heavens, there was just enough time to set up and bring in the shredding. The Hurricane winds welcoming in the monsoon were held at bay by the modest crowd who came out to brave the elements. With just a brave few in attendance, the contest went down in record time. Coming in third was Dre Curtis, who stuck mostly to the flat ledges and rocked out with crooks-shuvs and front fifties to bigspins. Rolling into second was Isaiah Ortiz with a nollie back heel on the bank and a nollie back smith on the flat ledge. The first place shredder of the day was Raven Blanchard who came out of the gates stronger than any of the others. Raven rocked out right off the bat with a fifty down the small rail. Wrapping it up with many attempts at a nollie 5-0, Raven took it home with a 5-0 down the hubba for the win. Like clockwork, the finals were just over as the downpour took over like a wild animal unleashed for feeding time. Big-ups to Raven Blanchard, Isaiah Ortiz, Dre Curtis for sticking it out through the weather and making the first ever Albuquerque Hometown event a disastrous success. http://facebook.com/hhskate http://twitter.com/hhskate
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