Hometown Heroes Skate: Phoenix 2011
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Added on:  Aug 2, 2011
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Description:  http://hhskate.com We come upon the HH contest in full-swing and full desert heat at Tempe's outdoor skatepark. With A Happy Medium 2 dropping the night previous, tempers flared and everyone was prepared to get extra rowdy. The four obstacles chosen for the jam format were perfect to test the skills and gnar factor of these contestants. Britt Rutan rocked out on the flat rail with a feeble grind to back lip. Simon rocked out a nollie flip noseslide and an immaculate tailslide, heelflip out on the bump to ledge/hubba section. Dudes got busy with high nose manuals and a stream of 360 flips one after another which seemed to be the mandatory trick of the day. Britt did a wallie up to back 50-50 into the wall slant to end the session on that area. With dudes colliding in both directions, the bump to rail/handrail down obstacle made for good contestry and great viewing pleasure. Thanks to the sunset, the heat was finally calming down and the dudes got second winds and started raging and busting out all over the place in the final round. Ripping all day, Isaiah Johnson pulled off a kickflip front board shuv to wrap up the first place win. Britt Rutan came in second with all kinds of madness including a sweet front blunt in the final moments. Connor Howitt came in third with a most excellent wallie over the whole wallride into an adjacent bank and a cool-as-ice halfcab flip to manual up and across the euro gap. http://facebook.com/hhskate http://twitter.com/hhskate
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