HH Chicago 2010 Hometown Heroes
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Added on:  Jun 29, 2010
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Description:  http://hhskate.com The top 3: 1. John Ozzy Oskvarek 2. Shawn Turner 3. Steve Villarreal We changed up the contest this year. We had sessions on three obstacles: the bump-to-flat bar, the pyramid and the stairs. The flat bar sesh was intense! A few of the tricks that went down were: Kickflip front lip, bs noseblunt, front crook, nosegrind 180, fs blunt, bs tail, kickflip bs lip and noseblunt. After the flat bar, we turned around to watch pure chaos on the pyramid. People were hauling from both directions to the same structure. I think everyone who skated, perfected the art of threading the needle. http://facebook.com/hhskate
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