Getting Down.
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Added on:  Dec 31, 2010
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Description:  Some of these footage are old, but I really wanted to put it in this montage. Hope you guys enjoy. PEACE! Filmed and Edited by Tam Lam. Holla! In order of appearance: Andreau Soptich, Dillon Hendren, Brad Be'dolla' $$, David Muller, Donnie Black Out Moran, Edgar Barrera, MichaƂ Trzeciakowski (he's from Poland), Mark Nicholson, Myles Wright, Nick Katz, Tyler Elsey, Steven Ban, Steve Troya, Richard Parry, & Kyle Terbush.
Categories:  Skateboarding   
Tags:   Above, The, Clouds, Montage, skateboarding, skateboard, skate, board, vx1000, vx, 1000, vx2000, 2000, edgar, barerra, tam, lam, trent, mcclung, trevor, chad, pocher, reed, thomas, alan, porter, kyle, gonzales, anthony, richie, parry, chavez, dillon, hendren, issey, yumiba, spots, love, peace, tight, patineta, adobe, after, effects, cs3, premier, pro, es, footwear, hss, skateshop, shop
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