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Added on:  Jun 3, 2011
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Description:  Recently went back to WA for a visit and stacked some clips with Homies, and some of the Legendary Pumpers from AZ came into town so it was a must to get stacky with those Pump Masters! Enjoy! In Order of Appearance Crazy Drunk Homeless Women Jordan Wood Cory Kennedy Dustyn Tisdel Bert Wootton Dan Ching Chris Blake Sean Harris Grant Yansura Shane Martin Chris Mango Milic Jonathan Pierce Ken Takayama Shane Auckland Jacob Shumaker Ryan O'Connor http://www.sk8rats.com http://www.ripndipclothing.com
Categories:  Skateboarding   
Tags:   sk8rats, sk8rat, cory, kennedy, washington, seattle, pump, nation, wildness, shane, auckland, skate, rats, ripndip, oooshhh, boyish, mango, chris, miliic, epicness, oowiiee, jonathan, pierce
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