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WEBADAS V starring pepe and alex as usual...there's also a trick made by sebas and some others by balseiro EDITED BY ALEX MORA
Added: Aug 31, 2012
From: clnriders
Views: 1,596

Crazy Mini Ramp Line - 8 x Treflip, nollie big heel, bigspin, nollie heel 180 - Adrian Mikkelsen
Adrian Mikkelsen Nexø Skate Center, Denmark
Added: May 29, 2012
From: Jakobharteg
Views: 2,443

Slamin Saturdays with Rojo
Slamin Saturdays with Chris a.k.a. FatherRojo Tryna film a line with J. dubs. Just another day in the life... Shit happens, just gotta keep rollin.
Added: Aug 20, 2011
From: TheRealRojo
Views: 2,201

Sponsor-Me Tape - Deryk LaJuan
Deryk LaJuan Dream's skateboarding sponsor-me tape. Filmed and edited by Khalil Kozah. Additional filming by Jared Diamond, Greg Valencia, and Sean McCormick.
Added: Jun 13, 2011
From: shreddedjourneys
Views: 2,200

Dylan Perry's part as seen in SPREADtheGOOD This is Dylan Perry's (DMFP's) official part from SPREADtheGOOD. For more great skating along with 10 more whole parts, buy your copy of STG...
Added: May 8, 2011
From: foskcomanifesto
Views: 2,305

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