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Crazy Mini Ramp Line - 8 x Treflip, nollie big heel, bigspin, nollie heel 180 - Adrian Mikkelsen
Adrian Mikkelsen Nexø Skate Center, Denmark
Added: May 29, 2012
From: Jakobharteg
Views: 2,435

Blunt Kickflip to Fakie with Jakob Harteg
Added: May 14, 2012
From: Jakobharteg
Views: 2,290

Nexø Skate Center - Værftet
Skaters: Harley McCulloch Adrian Mikkelsen Lucas English Nikolaj Højbo Jakob Harteg
Added: Apr 23, 2012
From: Jakobharteg
Views: 4,282

Bam Margera and Kerry Getz Skate with Contour Bam takes the new Contour+ for a spin on his head, spoon, board, and Lambo. Check out what a day in the life of Bam Margera is like.
Added: May 22, 2011
From: leobigorna
Views: 1,662

Jeff Wright & BERMA (The
Accompanied by BambooSK8, Berma Clothing, and Monster Energy, Jeff Wright executed his signature and never before done "Wright Flip" on the Volcom Ramp @ ASR in San Diego.
Added: Apr 1, 2011
From: BambooSK8
Views: 2,778

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