GoPro Skateboarding: Tyler Lewandowski
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Added on:  Sep 4, 2012
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Description:  First GoPro edit so far, More to come!! Filmed and Edited by Nick Krueger Riders: Tyler Lewandowski David recknagel Songs: Foster the People- Houdini Young Man- Fate Shot 100% on GoPro HD Hero
Categories:  Skateboarding Slams  
Tags:   Skateboarding (Sport), GoPro, Nick Kueger, Maine, Bethel, augusta, lewiston, gould, academy, Sport (Industry), Bath, skatepark, edit, Deckheadz, Eastcoastsanity, Camera, Valley, Check, County, Outdoor Sports, Camera (film), California, Romeo, Fair, Room, Hidden, Juliet, Sacramento, Helmet, Skating
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