Cyril Jackson full part from 1031 Skateboards "Get Bent" (high quality)
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Added on:  Jun 9, 2011
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Description:  Cyril Jackson's complete part from the 1031 Skateboards video "Get Bent". Copyright 1031 Skateboards, Regulator Distribution. Music is "Come On Children" by The Small Faces. Edited by Adam Kure. Produced by Kristian Svitak and Mike Beer.
Categories:  Skateboarding   
Tags:   Cyril Jackson, CJ, 1031, skate, skater, skateboard, skateboarding, get bent, street, ollie, thrasher, transworld, slap, tech, technical, gnar, gnarly, california, ohio, los angeles, hollywood, cleveland, regulator, landshark, kickflip, full, complete, high, resolution, quality, sick, raw, smooth, style, manual, blunt, slide, tre, flip, gap, stairs, big, handrail, switch, trick
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