Jonathan Bastian - 3 Days @ Woodward East - {filmed by Nik Shaw}
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Added on:  Oct 17, 2011
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Description:  So, Jonathan had won a free pass to Woodward East through a competition in Houston. During his week there he spent 3 days filming with this kid Nik Shaw. Nik asked me to post this video for him, and I am always down to support dudes who support Jonathan! So here it is! Enjoy! Oh! and for those of you still waiting on a new edit from me, I have several in the works including a full edit of my recent trip to Portland and a crazy edit with Jonathan and Jason Bastian! Also tons of weekly stuff, so keep a watchful eye! Nik's Channel. My other channel's (Non-Skate Stuff) (Extra clips and other awesomeness) -Darren
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Tags:   skateboarding, skate, blunt, slides, hand, rails, gnarly, in, general
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