Portland : A Skateboard Short
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Added on:  Dec 11, 2011
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Description:  I've been just about everywhere in the USA. (Literally only 4 states that I have not been to.), but Portland, OR is my favorite place hands down. There is just something about the landscape and the people that is just straight up unique. So here we are! Some epic footage from Portland skateboarders! Check out the other two channels I am working on! (We have tons of giveaways there including an iPhone, $50 Best Buy GiftCard, and a Nook Tablet!) http://www.youtube.com/BeyondSlowMotion http://www.youtube.com/GizmoSlip Skaters (In Order of Appearance) Michael Davis Kevin Ketchum Chris Hernandez Kenneth Pickett Austin Thongvivong Berkeley Anderson Ben Sauer David Bates Gabe McCoy Gabe Luna Arto Gordillo Jonathan Bastian Filming Darren Dyk Nigel Barros -Darren
Categories:  Skateboarding   
Tags:   Portland, pdx, skateboard, skate, film, reel, darren, dyk, Skapo, Houston
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