Birdhouse The End
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Description:  Track Listing Intro & Rick Mccrank - Propellerheads - Bang On! Willy Santos - DJ Small Wonder Mix Andrew Reynolds Intro/Outro - Har-You Percussion Group - Feed Me Good Andrew Reynolds #1 - Spazz - Sweet Home Alabama Andrew Reynolds #2 - Portishead - Undenied Andrew Reynolds #3 - DJ Shadow - Organ Donor Brian Sumner, Ali Cairns, Jeff Lenoce - Misfits - Night of the Living Dead Steve Berra #1 - Moby - Hymn Steve Berra #2 - Moby - God Moving Over the Face of the Waters Steve Berra #3 - Moby - When It's Cold I'd Like To Die Van Destruction - Rob Zombie - Superbeast Mansion/Vivid Girls - Millionaire's Club - Sinatra Guy Heath Kirchart & Jeremy Klein - Queen & David Bowie - Under Pressure Tony Hawk #1 - Beastie Boys - The Move Tony Hawk #2/Bucky Lasek & Credits - Propellerheads - On Her Majesty's Secret Service The unicorn of skate videos! Will never happen again...EVER!!! Oh and the best part, to me, is when Jeremy & Heath are skating in $1000 Armani suits and Steve Berra was too much of a pussy to buy a $1000 suit He wanted to settle for a Banana Republic $300 Suit. He was originally going to be in that scene but he was given the boot by Heath & Jeremy. Special Cameo appearance in Berra's Part by J. Strickland: The master mind behind Baker-Bootleg Skateboards! On a side note: Rick Mccrank filmed his entire part in less than 48 hours! Holy crap!!
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Tags:   Tony Hawk, Birdhouse Skateboards, Ali Cairns, Brian Sumner, Skateboarding, Steve Berra, Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, Jeremy Klein, Jeff Lenoce, Bucky Lasek, Queen, David Bowie, Under Pressure, Willy Santos, Jamie Mosberg, J. Strickland
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